Why Choose Triumph Roofing?

Why Choose Triumph Roofing?

We understand there are plenty of roofing contractors in the Phoenix Metro area. So Why choose Triumph Roofing to be your trusted roofing company? Triumph Roofing is an industry leader with highly trained and experienced roofers. Our team is dedicated to delivering quality craftsmanship and continually improving our services as we grow. Triumph Roofing has a unique mission and values that separate us from competitors in the area.


Value & Quality


At Triumph Roofing, our highest prioritized values are quality workmanship, materials, and equipment. For every job we complete, we provide a 20 year workmanship warranty. We are confident that our work will last you for years to come.

Roofing Materials

We take pride in the durable, protective, and long lasting roofing material we use in every job. Using premium quality roofing materials allows our homeowners to save on maintenance costs, improve roof longevity, and bring a peace of mind. We always have materials samples available for review prior to any work being done.

Along with each roofing job, we provide a detailed report with pictures and videos from the inspection to project completion. We always ensure a clean job site during and after completion of the job.

Work Ethic


We take pride in our dedicated work ethic exemplified by each one of our trained roofing professionals. Our customers have many great things to say about our company referencing our:

  • Professional demeanor and. class
  • Knowledgable and helpful experts
  • Fair priced company
  • Friendly, respectful, and polite staff
  • Hard working and trustworthy roofers
  • Prompt and timely service
  • A step-by-step easy process to follow
  • Attention to detail in our services

Giving Back

Giving back to the community is at the heart of who we are as a family owned business. As Phoenix Valley residents ourselves, we are passionate about the mission work the Phoenix Rescue Mission provides for the community. Therefore, for every roof inspection, we donate $10 to the Phoenix Rescue Mission.


We Are Your Partner In Roofing

If you are in search of a trusted roofing partner in the Valley, contact us today. You can get an instant estimate for your roofing project by filling out the form on our website. Our fast, professional service has saved many homes from worsening roofing problems. From roof inspections, installations, and replacement, our team has you covered.

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