Triumph Tip – Importance of Tree Trimming


Homeowners…it’s extremely important for you to keep your trees trimmed properly so they don’t drop organic debris on your roof. As you can see in this video, the debris can collect and make a dam. That dam can lead to breaking down the roof’s protective underlayment and cause leaks!

How is your roof after all this valley rain?

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what is roof decking

What Is Roof Decking?

Your roof consists of different layers of materials that form a complete roof system. While every layer is required for a healthy roof, one of the most crucial is roof decking, or “sheathing”. It’s the foundation for your entire roof system.

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Everything You Need to Know If You Are a Flat Roof Homeowner

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Why Choose Triumph Roofing?

Our fast, professional service has saved many homes from worsening roofing problems. Read our latest blog to learn what makes our roofing company so special.