Triumph Tip – Protecting Your Roof from Rats


Triumph Tip – Importance of Tree Trimming


Homeowners…it’s extremely important for you to keep your trees trimmed properly so they don’t drop organic debris on your roof. As you can see in this video, the debris can collect and make a dam. That dam can lead to breaking down the roof’s protective underlayment and cause leaks!

How is your roof after all this valley rain?

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Roof Inspections – Anthem AZ


You know who can hustle? Triumph owner, Joe White 💪🏼 He completed 3 inspections in Anthem, Arizona and is taking YOU along for the ride.

Check this video out and learn what a professional roofer looks for during a thorough inspection. Note: The roofs in this Anthem area are over 20 years old and have expired underlayment (a synthetic layer of roof protection from wind, rain, snow and water damage). When expired, it becomes dry, brittle and curls – which you can see Joe point out. Another thing to notice is the “cap sheet” – which is the granulated brown stuff that is turning black in inspection #1. This is a concern, as it is used to provide a watertight surface and protection to the home. Due to this issue, the owner did have a leak.

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